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VAE emulsion for waterproof coating HS-950

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Product Description

HS-950 is a copolymer emulsion based on Vinyl Acetate and Ethylene (VAE), which has low-formaldehyde and pleasant odor. HS-950 has good dispersibility for cement and fillers, especially suitable for 2K waterproofing coating to gain good mechanical properties and waterproofing performance.

Technical data

AppearanceMilk white liquid
Solid content54.5~56.5%
Viscosity(RV4# 20rpm 25℃)3000~6000 mPa.s
TgApprox. 0℃

Application feature

Good compatibility with cement, pigment and filler 

Good tensile strength and elongation

High bonding strength with substrates 

Excellent workability, anti-sagging and not easy to crack


2K waterproofing coating (JS-I, JS-II)

Cement interface treatment