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High permeability VAE emulsion for adhesive HS-535

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Product Description

HS-535 is water-based emulsion of Vinyl Acetate and Ethylene (VAE), no organic solvent, plasticizer, formaldehyde and APEO to be added during production process, therefore the emulsion of HS-535 has pleasant odor, is an eco-friendly waterborne adhesive.

Technical data

AppearanceMilk white liquid
Solid content54.5~56.5%
Viscosity(RV4# 20rpm 25℃)4000~6000 mPa.s
TgApprox. 0℃

Application feature

Medium viscosity

Good permeability to porous substrates

Good water resistance and wet bonding strength

Good dispersibility to pigments and fillers


Packaging and paper bonding adhesive

Fabric lamination, shoe making and leather application

Soft film laminated composite, vacuum suction plastic

Woodworking adhesive