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VAE emulsion for cement interface treatment HS-360

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Product Description

HS-360 is water-based emulsion of Vinyl Acetate and Ethylene (VAE), no organic solvent, plasticizer, formaldehyde and APEO to be added during production process, therefore the emulsion of HS-360 has pleasant odor, is an eco-friendly waterborne adhesive, especially designed for cement interface treatment.

Technical data

AppearanceMilk white liquid
Solid content57.0~59.0%
Viscosity(RV4# 20rpm 25℃)1000~3000 mPa.s
TgApprox. 15℃

Application feature

Good sealing to the substrate

High interfacial bonding strength

Suitable for different types of substrates

High dry speed and low odor


Cement interface treatment