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Low Tg VAE emulsion for RDP preparation HS-420

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Product Description

HS-420 is a polymer emulsion prepared from the copolymerization of vinyl acetate and ethylene, with high solid content, low viscosity and good flowability, especially designed for cement products, which is strongly recommended for making redispersible polymer powder.

Technical data

AppearanceMilk white liquid
Solid content57.0~59.0%
Viscosity(RV4# 20rpm 25℃)1000~4000 mPa.s
TgApprox. -10℃

Application feature

High ethylene content and low glass transition temperature

High solid content and low viscosity, dry fast

Significantly improve the flexibility and bonding strength of mortar

Good re-dispersibility for RDP


HS-420 is recommended for making soft type VAE polymer powder, or use with cement and other fillers to get good flexibility products, or use as primer on substrates.